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Experiential Learning with Horses – A Powerful Learning experience

Team Building • Leadership Development • Communication

Equine Assisted Corporate Learning (EACL) have developed some powerful and effective experiential learning programs designed to meet the needs of varying corporate teams. EACL programs are innovative, challenging and memorable.

Individual Coaching

Individual Sessions are available to support you to become aware, clear-sighted, creative and adaptive to the ‘field’ that you live, work and thrive in. Coaching sessions build ‘horse’ skills supporting presence and empowerment whilst addressing patterns (in body, emotion, mind, behaviour, relationship and performance) that may be unconsciously acting as obstacles to fulfilment and excellence. Learn whilst doing – in relationship with horses.
Email the institute at equinepsychotherapyinstitute@gmail.com to book in your coaching session.  On site and Skype Sessions available.

Price $300 plus GST.

Leadership Development

Corporate Teams, Executives and Clients can explore and expand their leadership capacities in specifically designed activities with horses. This includes facilitated experiences with our herd of up to 10 horses and individual horse experiences. Experiential learning opportunities are designed and framed so that the participants can easily integrate the learning with the horses back to the workplace.

We will explore and expand your Leadership Capacities –

  • Personal Awareness and Presence
  • Emotional, Somatic and Relational Intelligence
  • Sophisticated energy and sensing capacities
  • Ability to ‘be in the zone’ – in the Here and Now
  • Clear Boundaries
  • Intention and Focus
  • Vision, Purpose and Direction
  • ‘Right’ Action – action in relationship
  • Direct Communication
  • Relationship and Performance – the ‘being, relating and doing’ paradigm

Team Building

Transform your team with our unique interactive experiences with horses.

Is your Team –

  • Connected, Sharing a Team Identity, Common Goals and Values
  • Strong and Effective Communicators
  • Focused and Energised
  • Open, Respectful & Trusting
  • Skilled with Conflict and Change
  • Excellent in Performance Outcomes

High performance teams have developed very particular personal, relational and behavioural capacities. The Individuals’ strengths within the team are well developed and harnessed, and the team can function well beyond it’s level of functioning as a ‘group of individuals’.

Equine Assisted Corporate Learning (EACL) Overview


Our Leadership and Team Building programs are truly experiential learning opportunities. This means you will not be ‘talking about’ leadership and high functioning teams, you will be ‘doing it’. Learning by Doing and Experimenting in the Here and Now. This is the most effective pathway for Integrated Learning. You can have all the knowledge in the world, however, if you have not transformed theory into practice, awareness into ‘right’ action, you cannot reach excellence and mastery, personally or professionally.

People experience real change through awareness, relationship and action, at a neurological level, with the development of new neural pathways and integration across the whole person. We can help you identify, explore and expand your capacities in the moment, in action with our relational masters – our herd of horses!

Why Us?  

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute is a leader in the field in Australia in the application of diverse equine assisted programs.  The facilitators are experienced, and their core business includes training, supervising and mentoring student practitioners and practitioners in Equine Assisted learning, corporate learning and psychotherapy.

Why Horses?

Horses are wonderful, beautiful and large relational beings who live in connection with herds (family groups/ teams) and are prey animals with amazing awareness and sensing capacities. They rely on their awareness to survive and thrive. The horses’ herd, prey and play tendencies make them great relational partners for learning about relationship, leadership and authentic being. Interacting with horses, with skilled facilitation, offers opportunities for participants to receive non-judgemental feedback about existing behaviours and patterns, as the horses respond to each person and team uniquely. Clients can experiment with authentic contact, team connection and leadership development.

We can design team experiences for your unique team’s needs which will be – innovative, challenging and memorable.

We work ideally with Individuals and Small Teams up to 12, but we can work with Large teams and can design a program working with sub-groups.  Bring your Corporate, Executive and Management Teams for fine-tuning and peak performance.  Consultants can add an EACL component to their existing Training Maps and Processes for executives and teams, to deepen learning.

Investment and Programs – EACL offers ½, 1, and 2 day programs.  Contact Program Director Meg Kirby to design a program and budget that works for you and your team.

Facilitators – Meg Kirby (BA (psychology), MASW, Dip Gestalt Therapy) – Author, Speaker, Consultant, Trainer and Psychotherapist and Noel Haarburger (BBSC, Bed Counselling, MAPS, Dip Gestalt Therapy) – Psychologist, Supervisor and Trainer.

Both Meg and Noel are Group Facilitators with decades of experience between them, experienced facilitators, therapists and trainers, whom work and learn with their herd of 12 horses.

12 mins from Daylesford/12 mins from Creswick

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute
459 Telegraph Rd, Mt Prospect, 3364,  Victoria.

Recommendations/Local Conference Facilities

EACL Programs are situated in the picturesque Goldfields and Hepburn region of Victoria and thus are near many excellent facilities.

The RACV Resort Creswick, which features state of the art facilities for small and large conference groups (up to 1000) is only 12 minutes from our centre and can fulfil all your accommodation, conference, dining and relaxation needs.

12 minutes towards Daylesford and you have an array of options for your conference and accommodation needs.

The Grange Hepburn accommodates 4 to 120 conference delegates with style and comfort.

The Hepburn Chalet offers amore casual atmosphere.

Contact regarding alternate needs, including transport, conference and budget options.

Contact | Program Director | Meg Kirby | 0425 371 729



Some Testimonials

Melbourne Business School

Coach and Facilitator Meg Kirby is now an Associate of the Melbourne Business School ‘Advanced Management Program’ (AMP) offering an Equine Assisted Leadership Program, as a part of the Advanced Management Program.

AMP Participant Feedback –

What has been most useful? (from your AMP learning) “All of the content has been wonderful, however I took the most out of the equine experience”

What has been the most challenging for you? “Probably the horse exercise…I still don’t believe the correlations drawn between the behaviour with horses and people…this is a great challenge to have”.


Chandler Macleod

Feedback from EAL Day Program –

“Superb, A Unique Life Experience 10/10”

“Amazing day, Great Teachers 10/10”

“Great Sessions, Clear Goals, Good Feedback 10/10”

“Organised, Personable, Well Planned, Professional and Engaging…SO refreshing from ‘death by powerpoint 9/10”

“Unique, New and Fresh Perspective on Age Old Techniques. Kept me Engaged 10/10”

“Facilitator was Particularly Engaging and Knowledgeable, Very Intelligent”

“It was Awesome, Thank you So Much 12/10!” “I will tell everybody I can!”

Silver Chef Group

Feedback from EAL Group with Executive Team –

“Most Valued…being outside, completely different from every other course I have been on 10/10”

“Very different and Very Effective Delivery 9/10”

“The tools that I can now leverage in everyday life to be more grounded and think about deeper relationship…8/10”

“It was a Great Experience, Very Different from Classroom Training on Leadership. It has been very Impactful. Great Facilitation. 9/10”


Telstra Global Executive Team –

“I have gained a greater insight into how I operate and why. In fact it’s been a very calming experience for me that I have replicated since that day both professionally and personally allowing me to achieve greater things in the ever increasing intensity of our busy lives