Leadership Workshop

Workshops - Equine Psychotherapy Institute - Victoria, AU

5 Day Leadership Intensive

Learn about and Experience Leadership in an innovative and transformational way – with the horses leading the way. This Intensive is for leaders in the community – at home, at work, and in the wider community.

Leadership Development

Corporate Teams, Executives and Clients can explore and expand their leadership capacities in specifically designed activities with horses. This includes facilitated experiences with our herd of up to 12 horses and individual horse experiences. Experiential learning opportunities are designed and framed so that the participants can easily integrate the learning with the horses back to the workplace/context.

Explore and expand your Leadership Capacities

  • Personal Awareness and Presence
  • Sophisticated energy and sensing capacities
  • Ability to ‘be in the zone’ – in the Here and Now
  • Clear Boundaries
  • Intention and Focus
  • Vision, Purpose and Direction
  • ‘Right’ Action – action in relationship
  • Direct Communication
  • Relationship and Performance – the ‘doing-with, being-with and leading-with’ paradigm

When – Monday – Friday

Where – The Institute – 459 Telegraph Mt Prospect, 10 minutes from Daylesford.

What – Group size 4-10 participants

Investment – $1500 for 5 days

How – Register your interest now

P – 0425 371 729



Management Teams and Organizational Teams are most welcome to Register and book Intensives privately