EPI I-Thou Horse-person-ship

Meggin Kirby (2011)

" ‘I-Thou Horse-person-ship TM’ is an approach that teaches an understanding of the horses’ subjective experience and being in relationship with horses from an ‘I-Thou relating’ perspective. I-Thou relating is a theory and practice based on presence, deep listening, unconditional acceptance and working through challenges with breath and commitment.”

The I-Thou approach with horses, which was developed by EPI Founder Meggin Kirby, is the foundation of the EPI Model of EAP and EAL and our Practitioner Training Program.

I-Thou Horse-person-shipTM – Horse-Human Connection Sessions

  • We offer individual sessions to work with you and your horse to enhance understanding, listening processes, working with softness and relaxation.
  • The sessions begin on the ground and can move to bareback/ mounted essentials that focus on connection, relaxation, balance and breath work.

Why I-Thou Horse-person-shipTM?

Horse-Human Connection Sessions are a wonderful way to return to the joy of being in relationship with your horse where the connection is aware, mindful, and grounded in somatic, emotional and social intelligence mutually beneficial for both horse and human.

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