Virtual Equine Studies Program

Virtual equine studies program

All of our Foundation and Postgraduate Equivalent Training students are required to complete a comprehensive and wholistic virtual Equine Studies training program.

This course includes training in equine health and wellbeing, basic training and equitation science principles as well as the concepts of I-Thou HorsemanshipTM  (I-Thou Horse-personship), One Health and One Welfare as they relate to humans and animals and ethical considerations for practitioners including horses in their work.

At the end of this training, students are required to complete their Equine Studies and Horse-person-ship Assessment, which consists of:

  1. Equine Studies and horse-person-ship Exam
  2. Horse-person-ship Plan
  3. I-Thou Horse-person-ship video

This three part assessment is supported with Equine Mentoring with The Isntitute's Equine Specialist

This comprehensive approach ensures EPI Model Practitioners are best prepared to include horses safely, ethically and effectively in their work,  whilst understanding their species-specific needs, communication and behavioural responses, principles of equitation science and more.

What are the program modules?

Our Equine Studies Curriculum includes the following modules, presented in a self-paced online learning platform:

  • Introduction and Overview of Learning
  • Herd Behaviour
  • Communication & Expression
  • Senses, Stress & Movement
  • Eating behaviour, diet and nutrition
  • Physical Care
  • Equine Learning
  • Equitation Science, Horsemanship and Riding
  • I-Thou Horse-person-ship
  • Equine Welfare, One Health & Ethics

What is the Investment?

The cost of this program is included in our Foundation and Postgraduate Equivalent Training Fees for all students.

Why Train with Us?

We are an established training organisation and have been training practitioners since 2011.

We have a unique brain-body and neuroscience approach to working with trauma and EAP, based on the EPI Model and Somatic Experiencing and other world-renowned trauma theorists and practitioners. Your trainers are highly qualified and experienced psychologists and trauma specialists who live and breathe this work.

This program is designed to support you as a practitioner to be personally and professionally competent in working with horses and humans for the purpose of transforming trauma, where the horses are honoured as teacher and co-facilitator.

We will support and challenge you to grow and feel ‘held’ as you grow into grounded and authentic practitioners. Our program sets a high standard for students, practitioners and the wider international community.

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