EPI Conference 2018




2018 The Equine Psychotherapy Institute Bi-Yearly Conference …

Expansion – Expand Your Awareness, Practice and Business

When – Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March, 2018

Where – Institute – 459 Telegraph Rd, Mt Prospect

Investment – $420 – Includes Conference & Catered Lunch  (Early Bird Fee – $380 Payment Prior to December 1st)

2018 Conference Program – Click here

Registration – email admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au

Let’s Celebrate Expansion at the Institute with new awareness, new practice skills and new business supports available for 2018!

The Institute is expanding and developing Training Centres across Northern NSW, WA, and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland…so let’s meet and support our expanding EPI Facilitation Team and Community of Practitioners.

The Conference will facilitate a rich growth and learning opportunity, a meeting of new and old friends, and, a celebration of the increasing demand for our specialist work in equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted growth and learning.

Let’s Celebrate Together and make this the best Conference Experience yet!


Conference Agenda / Topics

Meg Kirby / MH Social Worker – Welcome to ‘Expansion’ – Community Liberty Herd Meet

Nadine Delaney / MH Social Worker – The HorseWisdom Program: Groupwork with Children

Jackie Smith / Organisational Development – Working With Adults Groups

Meg Kirby / MH Social Worker– Corporate Leadership EPI Groups

Clare Major/ Provisional Psychologist  – EAL / EAP across the Lifespan: Working with Elderly Clients

Kellie Youl / Yoga Instructor – Morning Yoga

Noel Haarburger / Psychologist – Presence & Self-Compassion Practice with the Herd

Professor Juli Coffin – Nguudu Barndimanmanha: Horses making Good (Working with Aboriginal Young People in EAL)

Noel Haarburger / Psychologist  – Working with Addictions as Fixed Creative Adjustments: An Introduction to Addictions

Lou Atkinson/ Counsellor – The Horse Wisdom Road to Recovery: A Practitioners perspective on using the Horse Wisdom Program to assist Substance Abusers during their Rehabilitation.

Deb Walker / Psychologist- The Science behind Wellbeing – Models that work and how we can integrate this into our EPI practice for the benefit of our clients and ourselves

Sue Lamond / Counsellor – Journey to Self Care for EAP / EAL’s

Meg & Noel – Liberty Herd Meet Reflection & Small Group Closure