Equine Assisted Psycho-Education for Youth Program – Entry Level Certificate of Completion


Equine assisted learning horse in yard.


Horse Wisdom for Youth – (5 Days)

New Dates – March 11th-15th, 2019

What is included in this social-emotional education program?

5 Days/ 1 Intensive includes:

  • Learn our signature Equine Assisted Social Emotional education program for Children and Adolescents – The Horse Wisdom Program TM
  • Principles, Practice and Delivery of the Horse Wisdom Program
  • Applications with both Individuals and Groups, and creative program extensions for diverse young client groups

Students receive a Training Manual.
Light Vegetarian Lunch is provided daily.

Who Can Attend

  • People passionate about Social Emotional Learning, Skills building and Education for youth
  • Horse People interested in helping young people, with the support of horses
  • Teachers
  • Integration Aides
  • Disability Support Workers
  • Horse Riding Instructors
  • RDA trainers/ volunteers
  • People passionate about Experiential Learning, Outdoor Education, Animal Assisted Interventions
  • People unsure about committing to the 15 day Foundation EAL Training & Certification pathway, and are seeking a basic level entry point into EAL
  • Younger people 18 -25 years of age, who are passionate about horses and the wellbeing of children and youth


You will learn

  • Facilitation Skills – Microskills for beginning, middle and closure of sessions
  • Horse Wisdom – 7 Keys to Social Emotional Learning Session & Program Template
  • I-Thou Horsemanship Essentials & Horse Safety Protocol
  • Trauma-sensitive practice basics
  • Understanding Children and Adolescents – developmental needs, practice issues
  • The Role of the Horse in client change
  • Client, Horse & Practitioner Safety and Code of Ethics
  • Working with groups fundamentals
  • Reflective practice skills – reflection on how practitioners can shape session delivery
  • Pathways to Foundation EAL Training (15 Day Training & Certification)


Training Learning Objectives

  • To understand the principles and practice of The Horse Wisdom Program.
  • To understand and apply experiential and creative principles and practices.
  • To understand ethical issues and professional standards of social-emotional learning practices.
  • To understand and apply safety practices with horses and clients.
  • To develop facilitation, process and closure skills.
  • To offer The Horse Wisdom Program TM with professionalism and sensitivity.
  • To understand reflective practice and be guided by self-awareness.
  • To understand I-thou horsemanship TM essentials including the welfare of horses in sessions
  • To understand the relationship between practitioners and their horses and the impact on safety and efficacy of the work for clients, horses and practitioners.

To develop a commitment to continuing personal and professional development.


Equine Assisted Psycho-Education for Youth Training – 5 Days Program $1500 plus gst


Certificate of Completion and Certification Pathways

  • After successfully completing this 5 Day Training, you will receive a Certificate Of Completion “Equine Assisted Psycho-Education for Youth – Entry Level” (40 hours professional development)
  • If you wish to Certify as an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioner (Level 1 & 2) and deliver diverse EAL programs to adults, children, adolescents across social emotional learning, personal development and professional development areas, students must then go on to complete the 15 Day EAL Foundation Training.
  • If you wish to Certify as an Equine Assisted Therapy/ Psychotherapy (EAP) Practitioner (Level 1 & 2), offering equine assisted therapy, psychotherapy and mental health programs, you need to be a registered mental health professional (registered psychotherapist, counsellor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health occupational therapist or mental health nurse), and must then go on to complete the 15 day  EAP Foundation Training.

For Certification and Membership with the Institute, students complete the 15 Foundation training Program and then assessment and integration tasks, including :

  • 4 x 1 Hours Skype/Phone Supervision Sessions (to be completed within 12 months of beginning training)
  • 3 Integration papers of 500-1000 words (which are submitted at the end of each Intensive)
  • Final Assessment – Open book exam including theoretical, practical, personal questions and case study (submitted within 12 months of beginning training)
  • Horsemanship Video – horse handling and I-thou horsemanship skills (submitted within 12 months of beginning training).
  • Once certified, certified EAP and EAL’s continue with a minimum of 10 professional development hours per annum to maintain certification and membership via attending network meetings, group supervision, individual supervision, advanced training, bi-annual conferences and the like.


The Training journey is

  • Experiential – It is an experiential and process-oriented training.
  • Professional – Students develop professional practice and ethical boundaries to conduct safe, appropriate equine assisted learning
  • Practice-based – Practitioner and practice oriented.
  • Horses as Teachers – Integrating the horses as co-facilitators, assistants, teachers and supports for building true awareness and contact.
  • Relational – the model is Relational and grounded in relationship-based learning.
  • Experimental – Includes Liberty, Ground-based and Mounted experiences with horses for the purpose of supporting awareness, growth and healing.


Post Training Support

After completion of training students/practitioners can

  • Join relevant EPI Network Groups.
  • Have eligibility to EPI Closed Facebook Group.
  • Access EPI Supervision.
  • Access EPI Model Psychotherapy as needed for ongoing support and professional development.
  • Access ongoing Professional Development opportunities – 15 Day Foundation Training, Advanced Training, Conferences etc.

Have lifetime access to the EPI Community of Practitioners.


To Apply for our Training Program NOW

  • Check the dates to ensure you can attend!
  • Email admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au to request an Application Form. Complete and email back.
  • Once your place has been confirmed you will receive a Welcome Letter. This will give you information to support you in arranging accommodation, transport, and other information to support preparation and planning for your successful training experience.
  • Begin your training journey and know that you are 1 step closer to beginning your dream career in Equine Assisted Practice.


Time and Venue for Training

Equine Assisted Psycho-Education for Youth – Level 1

Date March 11th- 15th
Time 9.00am – 5.00pm daily
Venue The Equine Psychotherapy Institute- 459 Telegraph Rd, Mt Prospect. Victoria.
Cost $1500 plus gst

Deposit / Fee Payment and Conditions

Once the Application is received and confirmed you will be required to pay non-refundable $200 deposit, which will be deducted from the total training fees.
For example – $200 will be deducted from the $1,500 plus gst training fee.

Full Payment is required 4 weeks/1 month prior to training, unless negotiated otherwise. Training fees are non-refundable. In the case of an emergency, accident or illness, students are encouraged to contact the Institute directly to arrange reimbursement, fees will be refunded minus $200 admin fee and gst component.


Introducing our Senior Trainers

Meg Kirby Founder of EPI Model and The Equine Psychotherapy Institute Education Programs, Mental Health Social Worker, Gestalt Therapist/Psychotherapist, I-Thou horsewoman. Meg has 20 plus years of experience in working in child and family psychiatry – in-patient, outpatient teams – and community wellness programs. Over the last 10 years Meg has been delivering social emotional learning programs with horses for primary school aged children, adolescents and young adults with schools, government and non-government organisations.

Noel Haarburger Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapy Trainer, and Trauma Specialist and Assistant with Somatic Experiencing Australia. Noel has 20 plus years of working with adolescents and juvenile justice clients for many years as resident Psychologist in Malmsbury Youth Justice, alongside his work with adult clients with complex trauma, PTSD and mental health needs.

Meg and Noel are experienced trainers, group facilitators, consultants and registered mental health professionals whom live and learn with a herd of 12 horses, as part of their extended family.



Further enquiries or questions are welcome. Please contact the Equine Psychotherapy Institute on

Email: admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au
Phone: 0437 882 600