Equine Therapy EPI Faculty

Equine Therapist Meg Kirby

Meg Kirby


Senior Trainer / Supervisor

MASW (Social Work)
Dip. Gestalt Therapy

Leading International Education Expert in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Author, Founder and Senior Trainer at The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, Mental Health Social Worker and Gestalt Therapist of over 23 years, Supervisor, Leadership Coach and Mentor.

Meg is passionate about supporting people from all walks of life to discover true freedom, to begin to deeply trust the wisdom of their body, feelings ad whole-being, and to fall in love with Life, with the support and wisdom from horses, all animals and nature.

Meg began working in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health Inpatient and Outpatient Units, before moving to Adult Mental Health Therapeutic Community practice and working with Dual Diagnosis and Complex Needs, and finally settling into Private Practice as a Psychotherapist incorporating room-based, equine assisted, animal assisted and nature assisted psychotherapy for children, adults, couples, families and organisations.

In 2011 Meg created and founded The Equine Psychotherapy Institute offering Australia's first comprehensive, private training pathway for students looking for robust education in equine assisted psychotherapy (for registered mental health professionals) and equine assisted learning (for teachers, animal-based professionals, coaches and disability workers). The Institute is internationally renowned and nationally revered for delivering a trauma-informed, unique psychotherapy model, founded on an ethical inclusion of horses (and all animals). Meg developed her innovative I-Thou-Horse-Person-ship approach, to ensure horses' subjective experience was included in all EPI model sessions, to protect horse welfare and include an ethical foundation. Further-more, in 2016, Meg published her first book "An Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy : principles, theory and practice of the Equine Psychotherapy Institute Model", and, recently authored her new book, "Equine Therapy Exposed," now available. This book is an innovative behind the scenes look into what equine therapy is, and how it works, with diverse clinical clients. This recently published book has already received praise from academics and leading professionals in the field, across the nation and globe, for its engaging and in-depth look inside the inner workings of equine assisted therapy and learning.

Meg recently was thrilled to have The Equine Psychotherapy Institute training accredited by PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia), the peak regulatory body for Psychotherapists and Counsellors. PACFA assessed the specialist training to be equivalent to AQF Level 8- Postgraduate Training, so the Institute will soon offer another Australian first - Postgraduate Specialist Training in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (PACFA Accredited/ not government TESQA accredited) for 2021!

Having trained and supervised hundreds and hundreds of professionals in equine assisted psychotherapy, animal assisted psychotherapy and nature assisted psychotherapy from all over the globe, Meg keeps herself grounded everyday with the support of her talented and beautiful faculty team of 12 amazing staff, loving husband and daughters, family herd of 12 wise horses, 3 expressive cats, her loyal dog Bear and rabbit Darcy....and will soon be blessed to care for 4 young kangaroos, in her newly developed Kind Kangaroo Sanctuary. Meg lives and breathes equine, animal and nature assisted psychotherapy as a Way of Life.

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