Equine Therapy EPI Faculty

Sue Lamond

Sue Lamond


EPI Trainer 

Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy


Advanced EPI Therapist
Adult Education Trainer
Supervisor for the Equine Psychotherapy Institute
Supervisor for Lifeline
Life Coach

I began study many years ago with an interest in how humans relate to each other, and why we respond in life the way we do. My curiosity has always been to explore the balance of human born and conditioned responses. This curiosity has driven my interest as a lifelong learner and trainer in this field. My studies have been in counselling, training, and life coaching, even exploring alternate therapies models to expand my knowledge. My most recent study has been a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

My deep love and respect of horses had me bring the human development and the horse love together into the equine assisted psychotherapy field. I have been working in this field for ten years, initially studying other EAP models until finding one that felt more congruent with myself, and more comprehensive and effective for my clients. I am very passionate about the Equine Psychotherapy Institute model, which drove my decision to become a trainer and supervisor for the Institute, as well as going on to further training in working with trauma, children and adolescence, and veterans advanced workshops, leading to becoming an advanced practitioner with the Institute.

Working in private practice at Northern Rivers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in Kyogle, the far north of New South Wales, I have a beautiful herd of horses and a therapy / training facility where I work with individuals and small groups. As a therapist my special interest is in working with trauma, as well as personal and professional development and leadership. I am always excited to support new practitioners to learn the EPI model well, and practice in a way that is going to support them and their clients best.

I offer training in the EPI model to new practitioners at my facility which is situated just below the QLD border in NSW for those interested in becoming EAP or EAL practitioners in this field.