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Find an Equine Assisted Practitioner – Western Australia


Equine Therapy horse in yard.


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is otherwise known as ‘equine therapy’ or ‘horse therapy’ – delivered by clinicians, who offer treatment for mental health conditions. counselling and psychotherapy services.

Our Certified EAP Practitioners are registered mental health and clinical professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health occupational therapists and nurses) who have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAP , and now offer it as specialist clinical modality within their professional field of practice.


Louise Atkinson

ACA Registered Counsellor, EPI Trainer and supervisor, 4 Star Parelli Professional
EPI Model EAP/EAL Practitioner and EAC Practitioner

I have been involved with horses since I was 10 years old and am experienced in many equine disciplines.

I have been a Natural Horsemanship Instructor since 1996 where I have been helping people understand their horses so they can develop better relationships and work together harmoniously. This usually meant the human needed to change both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This inspired me to look into EAL so that I can help people that don’t have their own horses to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. I am also passionate about helping those that are less fortunate to become who they want to be.

I live in Bullsbrook with my small herd of horses who ably assist my clients to become aware of whatever they need to become aware of in their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I love what my herd offer each person, and I never know what their offer might be. They really surprise me sometimes with their intuitive behaviours. It keeps the work alive and interesting for me.

I work with individuals, teenager to adult, women’s groups and corporate groups. I specialise in addiction recovery support as well as trauma therapy. I offer the EPI model practitioner training in Western Australia. I have developed a business essentials program to help new practitioners start up their own businesses. I also offer individual support through Skype and telephone for those that are unable to be with me in person.

Works with her small herd of horses to support clients (over 12 years old) in developing awareness and growth.

Western Australia, Bullsbrook.
9571 2575


Kajsa Wevel

EPI Model EAP Practioner
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker , Medicare provider
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level II, Grad Certificate Counselling

Room based and Equine Assisted /Psychotherapy and Counselling

Extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults in the mental health and child protection systems.

I am passionate about working with complex trauma and attachment.

Also offering sessions for Selfcare for Mental Health Care Professionals with my herd at my property.

404 Karnup Road in Hopeland, 35 minutes off the freeway south of Perth
0433 730 566


Leisa Watson

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse and Equine Psychotherapy Practitioner.

I have worked in the mental health field with adults, adolescents & children for over 30 years. My
specialty is supporting primary aged children with emotional, behavioural & social difficulties (&
psycho-educating their parents). I also do joint work with an Art Psychotherapist.

Darling Downs location, 35 mins from Perth city.
0412 543 885


Mel Keen

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Psychologist at Horse Horizons
BA(Hons), GradDipEd, MCouns
Assoc MAPS

Unique psychology services for individuals and groups; working with children/adolescents, adults, couples & families.
Corporate leadership & development programs.

Perth, WA
0401 134 876



Equine Assisted Learning

Our Certified EAL Practitioners are teachers, disability support workers, youth workers, horse riding instructors, coaches, organisational consultants, and, people interested in helping people learn new skills, with the horses as engaging partners in the process.

EAL practitioners have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAL , and now offer it as specialist modality to support social-emotional learning, personal development and professional development such as leadership and team effectiveness skills.

EAL is not therapy. EAL is an innovative form of experiential learning – where clients develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses.


Melia Brent-White

EPI Model EAL Facilitator
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Equine Bodywork Practitioner

Based in beautiful Yallingup, 30 min north of Margaret River, Melia and her herd of horses assist people to discover their inner world. A focus on building essential life skills, resilience and leadership. Melia has a strong connection to nature, animals and the land, and she looks forward to sharing her world with you.

Yallingup, Western Australia
0432 081 935


Merinda Smith

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Hills EAL (Equine assisted learning, Team building, Leadership and personal development).

Works with her herd of five horses to support business and business leaders with a focus on developing awareness for change.

Perth area Western Australia
0439 544 105
Facebook: Hills Equine Assisted Learning


Lisa Wells

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Primary School Teacher and student of Counselling with AIPC

Works with her herd of horses to support adult clients in personal growth and development.
Works with children and adolescents to develop social and emotional skills
Also works with horse owners to improve their connection with their horse
Special Interests animal communication, healing and natural horsemanship.

Western Australia , Perth Area
0458 356 320


Prof Juli Coffin

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Specialising in Aboriginal young people aged between 6 – 24 years old.
Individual, group, and corporate sessions are available in the West Kimberley area.

Yawardani Jan-ga is an Equine Assisted Learning program for Kimberley Aboriginal young people with sites in Broome and Derby. The program is a direct response to community concerns over youth social and emotional wellbeing, and community requests for programs that are strengths-based and focus on building healthy coping skills among Aboriginal young people and youth. Yawardani Jan-ga has been designed to integrate healing, Aboriginal leadership, research and cultural enterprise opportunities to Kimberley Aboriginal people in a setting where there is a demonstrated need for culturally appropriate interventions for supporting Aboriginal people.

Booking requests and further information via email

0436 454 422

Nikki Johnston

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Registered Nurse, Community Health Nurse – Family and Child Health, Sexual And Reproductive Health.
Diploma of Counselling.
Equine Touch Level 1&2, VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonisation Therapist).

Providing an experiential approach to ‘finding your way home’ through following the ‘Way of the Horse.’ Providing opportunities for children, adolescents, adults and families to safely explore and support self awareness, spiritual and emotional growth.
Special interests, in trauma informed practice.

Located in Harvey, South West Western Australia
0400 503 690
Facebook: Nikki Johnston


Victoria Perowne

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Company: Horse to Heart

With a unique approach to learning and development Horse to Heart embraces the power of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to support change in your work, your relationships and in yourself. Go beyond that which you thought possible.

0405 281 926


Jessica Banham

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Arcadia Equine Assisted Learning Centre
Great Southern Region of WA – Albany
0405 722 180
Can be found on Facebook


Jessica Kinder

EPI Model EAL Practioner
Equine Assisted Life Coaching
I offer equine assisted life coaching to help clients explore their own awareness in the presence of horses. I provide supportive and kind coaching for adults (18+) who would like to increase their personal and professional development and wellbeing. Suitable for individuals, couples and groups.Located in Denmark, Western Australia (5hrs south of Perth).

0422 940 851