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Find A Practitioner - Equine Psychotherapy Institute - Victoria, AU


Melinda Rabbetts
EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Mental Health Social Worker, EPI Model Equine Psychotherapy Practitioner
Works with all ages, specialises working with Children and Adolescents
Riverland area, South Australia

Heather Henry
EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Horses for Courses
Business Coach, Life Coach, Business Development Consultant, Change Management Consultant, Public speaker and presenter.
Horses for Courses supports individual and group work encouraging deep awareness in self and relationship to develop cohesive culture in organisations, leadership development programmes, personal awareness and development courses. Unique business coaching programs specifically for medium business, with change management programmes for organisations or groups undergoing mergers, expansion, reduction or implementing a systems based approach to increase productivity and efficiencies.
Hokoura Stables, Whitehead Road, Mylor, SA
0467 530 926

Amii Larsen
EPI Model EAL Practitioner
MMentHlthSc, BPsych(hons), DipClinHyp

Amii is a qualified psychologist and has a wealth of experience working with people with gambling addiction, anxiety and depression. She is passionate about helping people learn new skills and different ways of experiencing themselves, others and the world in order to move through difficult times in their lives, and is excited to be able to bring her other passion – horses – into this work.

0419 836 416


Dr Sarah Paine
EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist
B.Psych (Hons), PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Experience in child, adolescent and family psychotherapy.
Particular interest in working with complex trauma throughout the lifespan and attachment based work.

Bianca Stawiarski
EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Transformational Coach
Dip.LifeCoach, BA.AboriginalStudies, Dip.Contracting(Gov)

“Experience life in partnership, confidence and awareness with horses”
Bianca Stawiarski, from Empowerment 4 Riders, has over 35 years horse riding and competition experience starting with the usual pony club route. She represented Australia in USA Horse Archery competitions in 2014 (Texas) and 2015 (Texas and Pennsylvania). She also has Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) and Equestrian Australia (EA) Official accreditations and is currently an international horse archery medallist.Bianca has qualifications as a Professional Transformational Coach; Equine-Assisted Learning Practitioner; Horse Archery Instructor (NHAA USA) – Level 2; Equestrian Australia Vaulting (Intro) Coach and a Horse Riding Confidence Building Coach. She uses a combination of proven psychological techniques and strategies to assist people get back into the saddle after significant trauma (physical or psychological). She also assists individuals, both equestrians and non-equestrians, with improving their social and emotional resilience. Techniques utilised include EPI’s Equine Assisted Learning model adapted from Gestalt Theory; Emotion-Focused; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Solution-Focused approaches; Cognitive Behavioural Coaching; and Narrative Coaching.Bianca is currently upgrading her skills with studying a Master in Counselling Practice. She will be offering EAP from December 2018.Bianca draws additional strength from her strong Badimaya (Aboriginal) and Ukrainian heritages and her sense of community. Empowerment 4 Riders is an Indigenous identified business through Supply Nation and fully covered by insurance. Based in Lower Hermitage (in the SA Adelaide Hills), Bianca is passionate about assisting people to move outside of the arena, build resilience through reducing anxiety and enjoy all the fantastic things that horses can share with us.Ph: +61438253202