Europe – EAP Practitioners

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Practitioners

EAP is otherwise known as ‘equine therapy’ or ‘horse therapy’ – delivered by clinicians, who offer treatment for mental health conditions. counselling and psychotherapy services.

Our Certified EAP Practitioners are registered mental health and clinical professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health occupational therapists and nurses) who have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAP, and now offer it as specialist clinical modality within their professional field of practice.

Bethany Finch

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
BA(Hons) Social Work

Bethany has a background in social work, schools work and youth work and combined her passion for working with horses and humans creating ‘Healing with Horses UK’. EPI’s first ever UK based practitioner bringing the models unique approach to equine assisted practice to the heart of Cheshire England.

Healing with Horses UK offers equine assisted learning and therapy to groups or individuals looking to see personal growth in their lives and support people in their life journey.

Claudia Muraszombathi

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
BSc Social Psychology

With my herd of 6 horses, I offer clients an equine experience in a tranquil setting surrounded by 50 acres of Swedish countryside. My background includes more than 15 years of social work, working with trauma, anxiety, family violence, addiction, exclusion and youth issues. I offer individual, couple, group and family sessions as well as the Horse Wisdom Program.

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