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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioners

Our Certified EAL Practitioners are teachers, disability support workers, youth workers, horse riding instructors, coaches, organisational consultants, and, people interested in helping people learn new skills, with the horses as engaging partners in the process.

EAL practitioners have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAL, and now offer it as specialist modality to support social-emotional learning, personal development and professional development such as leadership and team effectiveness skills.

EAL is not therapy. EAL is an innovative form of experiential learning – where clients develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses.

Jackie Smith

EPI Model, EAL Practitioner
Masters of Applied Science (Organisation Dynamics), Bachelor of Economics and Certificate IV Training and Assessment.

Combining 25 years of organisational change experience with a decade of coaching and consulting in leadership, my specialty is facilitating change at the individual, team and organisation level and developing experiential programs to meet the learning goals of organisations.

I incorporate psychodynamic and systems theory, mindfulness, gestalt, neuroscience research in the design of the equine experiential learning programs to facilitate self awareness, resilience, relationship and communication skills for leaders and teams.

I partner with equine specialists/venues across Australia and create custom designed organisational equine experiential processes to support an embodied learning approach to your leadership programs or team development objectives.

Anne Simpson

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Diploma Training and Assessment Systems
Over twenty five years experience as trainer, teacher, and mentor in tertiary education.
Holistic Equine Assisted Learning (HEAL)

The herd and I will support and mentor you to discover, develop, and access coping strategies to support yourself when you are feeling “stuck” in a strong emotion or an overwhelming situation.

  • cancer diagnosis for you or someone you love
  • empty nester
  • grief or loss
  • starting tertiary education
  • retirement
  • menopause
  • being a caregiver
  • relationship has ended
  • other life obstacles

Brenda Tanner

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Graduate Certificate Gestalt Therapy
Equine Encounters Australia – Part of The Growth Edge Group
Specialising in PTSD Recovery, EQ Leadership Development and Personal Growth by providing unique and innovative programs that allow authentic insight, create awareness and support change.

Donna Broadbent

EPI Model EAL (EAPD) Practitioner

Equipped Life
Supporting individuals, women, children, adolescents, couples, groups, corporate/teams
Team building and leadership
Personal Development

Michelle Wass

EPI Model, EAP / EAL Practitioner, Advanced Training Child and Adolescent
Dip. Counselling CTA, Member IICT, Resilience Coach, Seasons for Growth Grief Companion, Riding Instructor BCAE,
50 Years Equine Experience

Hoofbeat Farm offers:

  • Relational work for all ages (5years+) - emotional regulation, awareness, self-development
  • Horse Wisdom Program - 8 week course
  • Team building and connection
  • Equine Education (I thou)
  • Connection to Memory Program - nursing homes and aged care facilities

Fifi Munro

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Infinite Potential Equine Assisted Learning

I have a deep love and connection with all animals and nature and bring this to my practice.My training brings a gestalt methodology approach of present moment mindfulness and an experience of the here and nowness for clients with horses. It is therapeutic in nature and helps clients discover a deeper sense of what they maybe feeling emotionally and somatically through their body while being in contact with the horses. Working in this way is especially helpful when working with any anxiety, trauma or other issues.

I have a small herd of miniature horses I therapeutically work with in paddocks. Clients love being around the miniature horses as they tend to be less intimidating than normal size horses, they all have their own individual qualities that evoke, safety, respect, support, grounding, regulation and holding for clients.

I love facilitating this work because of the richness and therapeutic value clients experience. Children particularly find the work very engaging. Working with supporting adults and children (under12) and Workshops for adults.

Stephanie Rouillon

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Works with individuals and groups and has a special interest in working with young adults ‘at risk’ of academic, social, emotional, and behavioural problems.

Emma Caldwell

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Heads and Tails Equine Program, Blue Mountains NSW

Emma is Co-founder of the Heads & Tails Program and has almost 20 years of working with horses and people.

The unique characteristics of Equine Assisted Learning allows Emma to combine her extensive experience in horse behaviour and communication with the emerging field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, with qualified psychologists.

Emma, Anna and the Heads & Tails team work alongside a team of miniature horses to assist children, young people and families in better understanding their feelings and behaviours, and helping them move towards social and emotional change.

Renee O’Connor

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Shoalhaven Equine Assisted Learning
Working with my herd of three horses I support young people and adults in social and emotional skills and personal development through awareness and the Horsewisdom program. I offer individual sessions and group programs tailored to suit different needs.

Belinda Muiser

EPI Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner

Equine Assisted Learning and Horse Wisdom Programs designed to suit the needs of the individual or small group. Specialising in social and emotional skill development for NDIS participants, At-Risk youth and personal development for adolescents & adults. Amaroo Equine is situated on 105 acres in the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains NSW - a 20 minute drive from Blackheath through spectacular rainforest and country roads. Our property is surrounded by extraordinary Australian bushland, majestic sandstone escarpments & mountain plateaus. Amaroo boasts a large sand arena, round yard, barn with workshop area & kitchen facilities, bush tracks, natural springs & large dam to explore & experience - rich with native wildlife.As part of the Gundungurra First Nation territory, the Megalong Valley is profoundly important to Aboriginal people and rich in heritage. Megalong is thought to have meant 'Valley Under the Rock' and Amaroo meaning 'a beautiful place'.

Sat Shea

EPI Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner
Horses in Partnership (Shoalhaven)

"For all beings great and small to reconnect, heal and move forward in life with a smile and happy heart"

Horses In Partnership provides horse assisted experiential learning where it all happens and unfolds in each moment.  Every experience is unique and through the wisdom of the horse we will support you to discover, develop and grow in awareness and access inner resources to support you in life.

Programs offered:

  • Kids and ponies
  • Youth Skills Development
  • Horse Wisdom Program
  • Personal Development

Tarnya Turner

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Connections - With Equine Assisted Learning

Hi, my name is Tarnya, and I live and work in the beautiful Gloucester valley in NSW. I have loved, cherished and been grateful to have had horses in my life from a very early age. They were my saving grace throughout my life!

In my Equine Assisted Learning practice I work mainly with women and children, to bring out the beauty and uniqueness that is within.

Horses play a very important role in my work, as they support unconditionally and without judgement.  I have found people can quickly become at ease and work through limiting beliefs, emotions and situations in the natural farm environment, in a relaxed, safe, and effective manner.

The horses and I work with individuals, families, and groups offering private sessions, groups and workshops/retreats. We can tailor specialised programs to suit your needs, or you can follow our unique and effective targeted programs.

I am a very passionate supporter of remote and regional women, and therefore also offer  sessions via an online format.

 So Morph into your true beauty and fly butterfly fly!

Sebastiaan Scholtens

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Through the EPI model, we will work with specific goals in your experiential learning. While my focus is on individual sessions, building social-emotional skills and personal development, professional development skills sessions can also be catered for.
Providing a calm and welcoming environment for us work together; you, the horses, the environment and me, the benefits of EAL as a modality works extremely well as complementary component in your journey to mental health and wellbeing.
Building strategies and resources in your personal development can assist you to support yourself when things get overwhelming, or you find yourself emotionally stuck.  
I partner with local psychologists and mental health professionals to form a part of a holistic physical and mental health approach.
Specialising in working individually with youths and adults, this field-based approach is extremely beneficial especially for those who struggle with room-based sessions.

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