Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioners

Our Certified EAL Practitioners are teachers, disability support workers, youth workers, horse riding instructors, coaches, organisational consultants, and, people interested in helping people learn new skills, with the horses as engaging partners in the process.

EAL practitioners have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAL, and now offer it as specialist modality to support social-emotional learning, personal development and professional development such as leadership and team effectiveness skills.

EAL is not therapy. EAL is an innovative form of experiential learning – where clients develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses.

Justine Brown

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Bodywork Practitioner
Firebird Healing

I help people to reconnect with themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. I provide a nurturing environment for growth and healing to assist people remember their passion and purpose in life.
I am currently studying a Master of Gestalt Therapy.

Kaya Wilson

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Works with her herd of horses supporting clients in awareness, growth and healing. Special interests are Horses as teachers in human development, spirituality, meditation with horses, self development, teambuilding.

Also works with horse owners seeking a deeper connection with their own horse.

Teena Woodall

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy, Advanced Certificate Horse Riding Instructor and Trail Boss, Reiki Master
Equine Resolutions & Nag Nanny

Teena is passionate in supporting both her clients and her herd of 15 horses to become the unique beings that they were born to be. Teena offers a professional, yet relaxed environment where clients become aware of how they are living their life with a focus on developing awareness, of self and others, raising spiritually and emotional growth.

Teena works with both children and adults; she specialises in PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression and addictions. Teena is passionate about sharing her knowledge with children in order to give them solid foundations for their journey into adult life.

Teena also offers Women’s Wellness Programs which explore connecting with your true essence / understanding and setting boundaries and developing emotional intelligence.

Teena is also available for corporate work, in the areas of leadership, team building and effective communication.

Jenny Haines

EPI model EAL Practitioner
Townsville Equine Assisted Learning
Equestrian Aust Level 2 Coach
Riding for the Disabled Coach
Diploma in Community Welfare (Counselling)

Groups and Individuals to support awareness to enable change and emotional development. Also for riders to improve the way they ride, with Riding with Awareness.

Sally Witt

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Diploma of Applied Science – Equine Studies
Certificate 4 in Small Business Management
23 years horse riding experience
Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 4 student
16 years service in the Australian Army

Lockyer Valley Equine Assisted Healing operates from Roma Ranch, situated in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, 1.5 hours from Brisbane, 45 minutes from Toowoomba and 30 minutes from Gatton. Sally passionately works alongside her stunning Quarter Horses to assist people in their Equine Assisted Healing journey. Sally assists people with a guided interaction between horses and people designed to promote awareness, wellbeing and positive mental health changes.

Joanne Oakes

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Trusting Connections

Joanne is a primary school teacher with Education Queensland and has worked at her current school for over ten years. Working with students with disabilities in the special education setting, she has developed vast experience with a wide range of disabilities and specialised health needs. Joanne also has a degree in Psychology. As a newly qualified EAL practitioner in 2019, she is now starting to work with her horses to support both children and adults to experience unique learning sessions to develop awareness of self and others, connection to their feelings and behaviour patterns, personal growth, social and emotional skills and professional development opportunities.

Joanne has been passionate about horses for many years and has focused on different natural horsemanship and connection techniques with her horses in order to achieve respectful and harmonious partnerships. Located in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast, Trusting Connections is ideally situated for many clients and easily accessible from the Pacific Highway (only 5 minutes).

Registered NDIS Provider

Susan Fell

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Grad.Dip.Community Mental Health UQ

Susan qualified as a practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute in December 2018. Her small practice is located in Burbank on the south side of Brisbane and offers sessions on weekdays and some weekends if required.

Susan’s career has spanned several decades and she has worked with clients of all ages seeking to develop skills, manage emotional health and wellbeing and to generally enjoy life more. She has a small herd of horse helpers and healers who assist he in her work with clients and offers sessions without horse partners if needed. Phone consultations are welcomed from prospective clients or referrers.

Rachael Cooper

EPI model EAL Practitioner
Bachelor of Education Early Childhood, Graduate Diploma of Learning Support
Rachael is a Special Education Teacher and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner.

Horses have been an integral part of Rachael’s life for around 35 years. Over the past 10 years she has developed a deeper understanding of horse behaviour and horsemanship, whilst diversifying her career in teaching and training, to encompass management and leadership roles, all of which have contributed to the enrichment of her personal development and growth along the way. Rachael established South Burnett Equine Assisted Learning to form personal development programs and provide an opportunity for clients make meaning of their world and experiences.

Rachael lives in Kingaroy with her small herd of horses who provide opportunity for clients to become self-aware in their journey of personal development. The ponies are very intuitive and Rachael has a love of working with and passion for animals.

Julie Blase

EPI model EAL Practitioner
MA – Major Leadership – Dip Counselling & Family Therapy

For over 30 years Julie has enjoyed the great privilege of working with people both on various teams and in senior leadership capacities. Over this time she has also gathered a herd of generous and kind horses and ponies. It is with great joy that Julie brings these 2 loves together and would like to introduce to you, HERD THEORY Equine Encounters for Growth and Wellbeing.

As humans we are bombarded with things that make demands on our time and energy. EAL can interrupt the noise and allow us to come back to ourselves and find our equilibrium, and real peace. ‘Herd Theory’ offers Equine Encounters that can create the space your mind is looking for. With quiet horses, a bush environment, and a supportive process, you will feel refreshed as you come into contact with these powerful, gentle creatures. An equine encounter at ‘Herd Theory’ can help build real awareness, reset your thinking and allow for new ways to overcome and enjoy your life.