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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Pracitioners

Our Certified EAL Practitioners are teachers, disability support workers, youth workers, horse riding instructors, coaches, organisational consultants, and, people interested in helping people learn new skills, with the horses as engaging partners in the process.

EAL practitioners have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAL, and now offer it as specialist modality to support social-emotional learning, personal development and professional development such as leadership and team effectiveness skills.

EAL is not therapy. EAL is an innovative form of experiential learning – where clients develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses.

Valence Williams

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Horsemanship Coach
Meditation Teacher
Clinics, private and online coaching.

Jo Ellison

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Mindful Horse

Mindful Horse is located in the beautiful East Gippsland town of a Metung, situated within the heart of the Gippsland Lakes system. My herd of horses and I offer programs/ sessions that support people to reconnect with their deeper nature, true power and wellbeing. Sessions are suitable for children, adolescents and adults and can be specifically tailored for individuals, couples, families or small groups.

Michelle Quinn

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Bowen Therapy Practioner for Horses and Humans
Provides a holistic approach to wellbeing through EAL and Bowen therapy
Works with her herd of horses to provide self awareness, connection and relationship for spiritual and personal development.

Lynn Exton

EPI Model EAL Practitioner / Advanced Practitioner
Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Natural Therapist
RN, RM, BHSc, MPHCEquine Assisted Practitioner at Epona Awakenings

As a registered nurse I have worked in the Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol fields for many years, including 14 years experience working with “high risk” young people who have complex needs related to their trauma, mental health and/or substance use.

I also have 26 years experience as a Natural Therapist specialising in Mental Health.
I work with my herd of three horses to provide services to support children, adolescents and adults to increase their self-awareness and social & emotional skills for personal development, healing, relationships, team building and leadership development.

Programs are designed for individuals and groups.
I have a special interest in working with First Responders/Health Professionals who are experiencing Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma or PTSD.

Tama Green

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

My herd and I co-facilitate psycho-social development programs for young people and women. Through experiential learning, participants can develop core life skills and emotional and social intelligence.

Rachael Gibson

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

I provide a holistic approach to wellbeing through my work with horses and often combine other energy balancing techniques and therapies such as reiki, reflexology, guided visualisations and energy work.

I have been in private practice for over 10 years in helping people come back into balance and in 2017 trained with the EPI to incorporate horse wisdom into my toolbox of modalities.

A unique experience I have created is a 45 minute equine assisted learning session with the horses, followed by a 45 minute healing session on a massage table outside in a beautiful garden setting with the horses still present. In the winter months the healing session moves into my treatment room inside, out of the elements.

I work with my herd of 4 horses to provide self awareness, connection and help people be the best version of themselves. I also help clients connection in both their spiritual and personal development. Each session is targeted around the individual client and what they are currently working through.

I love working with people who are working through anxiety and depression, as I have a lot of experience with these conditions, and I know how beneficial this work can be in helping people being resourced as they navigate their way back to equilibrium.

Tammy Antoine

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
BA, BSW, Aged Care, Disability, and Carer Support
Member AASW

Specialising in grief and loss and carer support. (Working with Carers of all ages who care for family members and friends with complex needs including disability, mental illness, chronic condition/s, terminal illness, alcohol or other drug issues or who are frail-aged).
Working with Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Mood disorders. Group work and Individual therapies – Life skills, corporate and organisational team building.
Offering Herd meets, meeting individual horses; ridden experiences also offered.

Katie Murray

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Bachelor Hlth Sci (Hlth Prom), Dip Counselling (current student)

‘Indigo Horse Wisdom’ – Horses Helping Humans

Katie offers personal development sessions with her herd of three horses in the beautiful north east Victoria. She is passionate about providing social and emotional learning for youth, and supporting adults towards increased awareness and development, leading to greater choices, empowerment and fulfillment in their lives.

Maelani Mills

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
BA Communications, Dip Counselling (current student)
Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

Located 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Maelani offers an integrative EAL program that fosters deep personal growth, as well as an environment to safely work through fears, anxieties, and limiting belief patterns. She weaves elements of Yoga and mindfulness throughout, with her horses as colleagues, to build a deeper connection with our own inner wisdom and intuition.

Sessions are available to everyone, from those suffering from stress, anxiety and/or grief to those who are feeling unsettled, unfulfilled, and unsure of what the next steps are.

Maelani offers individual, group, unmounted and mounted experiences for clients of all ages at the farm, as well as personal development coaching sessions remotely.

Paula Jewell

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
BA Psychological Science & Sociology (current student), Dip Counselling (current student)

Building social, emotional and essential life skills for children and adults, supported by animals, in the picturesque Macedon Ranges region of Victoria.

Paula Jewell is an Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, student of Counselling and Psychological Science, EAL Foundation Trainer, Animal Specialist and Senior Operations and Program Manager at The Equine Psychotherapy Institute. After a career in human services, specialising in homelessness and family violence, Paula then transitioned into the world of farmed animal rescue, spending 9 years at Edgar’s Mission farmed animal sanctuary. This trajectory brought Paula up close and personal with the innate wisdom of animals and developed her appreciation for the individual life and story of every human and animal she encounters. Paula’s own healing journey has fuelled her passion to empower others, particularly children and young females, to build healthy relationships with themselves, their bodies and emotions to live full and enriching lives.

Macedon Ranges Animal Assisted Learning is currently in the process of transitioning to our new location, Sunshine Hill, near Lancefield, Victoria. We work with Self-Managed NDIS clients as well as self-referred individuals.

We look forward to welcoming new clients and supporting you on your unique journey.

Tracey Kenny-Dive

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

I provide an holistic approach with my beautiful herd of horses and two alpacas. I have a background in complimentary therapies (Reiki Aromatherapy Energy Balance and meditation) and education support. Experiential learning with horses and facilitation brings awareness in sensory and social development and further understanding of the connection to self. A safe space is provided to assist children and adults with special needs with the Horse Wisdom Program™️.

Sessions also explore Personal Development teaching core life skills to enhance social/emotional intelligence for self empowerment for women/women’s groups and young adults providing experiential learning and focus on navigating age appropriate choices, decisions and relationship. Communication skills for Business Managers and team leaders to create a more respectful, productive workplace are also incorporated in EAL sessions.

All sessions are tailored specifically to the individual in a safe, peaceful farm environment. Learn how to be the best version of yourself.

Located in the Greater City of Bendigo regional township of Shelbourne approximately 23.7km from Bendigo’s Central Business District

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