For the Love of Horses

Horses can evoke and guide people toward greater awareness, embodiment and authentic relationship, and they have been doing this since the dawn of time…since man, woman and horse came together.  If we listen to horses (who although are predominantly living in captivity, have not lost connection with their instincts, wild spirit and natural wisdom) we have an opportunity to re-learn what we already know in our hearts, our bodies, our minds and our beings.  Allow horse to guide you back home to yourself, towards greater fulfilment and engagement in your relationships, and in life. 

Contrary to popular belief, change does not happen by thinking and cognition – through insight, through self-talk and through positive affirmation.  Sure, intention and cognitive processes can be a really important part of the change process, but it’s only a part of how change happens for people.  In fact, I will share with you how thinking and positive affirmations can unintentionally lead to perpetuating self-struggle, fighting our experience, dis-owning feelings, dis-owning parts of ourselves, and, dis-connecting further from ourselves and from the natural world (our home as social mammals).   So, unintentionally we invalidate our experience, invalidate ourselves, and this can lead to the formation of new layers of unhelpful conditioned messages, beliefs and behaviours.   And in doing so – we miss out on getting to know our depths, our underlying needs, feelings and our deepest values. We steer ourselves further away from ourselves. In doing so, we disconnect from ourselves and from Life.

If we experience sensations and feelings, but choose to ignore or turn away from this experiential truth, and layer a new thought on top (let’s say a positive thought), we unconsciously reject ourselves.  This turning away from our self-experience means we never really hear what our bodies, our feelings and our actual experience was trying to inform us of.  A message, a need or an expression or action that wanted to be completed.  When we carry around this ‘unfinished business’, underneath positive thinking or critical thinking, we alienate and disown parts of ourselves.  We perpetuate a split in ourselves and we can never really have the opportunity to truly come home to ourselves and our fullness – to move towards integration and wholeness.  We miss out on more deeply understanding ourselves, our patterns and needs, and we can unintentionally miss our drive towards self-regulation, health and wellness.

The horses can support you to step toward yourself, toward life.