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Host A Training - Equine Psychotherapy Institute - Victoria, AU


Host an EPI Model EAP & EAL Training at your Location across Australia, and Worldwide

We are passionate about supporting greater access to this NEW Mindful and Relational Psychotherapy Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. Developing skillful, effective, safe and self-aware practitioners.

Additionally, we are open to providing group workshop experiences, working with horses for the purpose of personal development, psychotherapy, growth, and learning – such as Group Therapy, Specialized Groups and Personal Development or Leadership Workshops.

What suits your needs, your community, your horses and your location?


To Host a Training you will need

  • 6-10 people committed to payment and ongoing participation
  • a suitable and safe location
  • a herd of ideally 4-10 horses
  • safe and comfortable spaces to be with the horses (e.g. paddock, menage, round-yard, or indoor arena )
  • safe and warm space to be with each other (e.g. lounge or space with a comfortable circle of chairs)
  • lunch/catering options
  • most importantly, an open, curious interest in the work of horses supporting human development.

We can discuss your unique needs, context and group dynamics, to create an inspiring and unique training or workshop.


Training will be conducted in the same way that training is conducted here at the Institute.

Workshops can be 1-5 days duration, depending on location and focus/needs.


Costs – Training Fees are comparable to training fees conducted at the Institute, with a small margin added to cover Trainers’ flights and accommodation to and from training location.

Workshop Fees are approximately $200pp per day, depending on location, accommodation, travel, length of Workshop, number of participants, and unique needs.

Workshop Focus – Personal Development, Therapy, Leadership, Mindfulness, Specializations in mental health, Team Building, Relationship, Horses and ‘the way of the horse’, just to give you some ideas of the range of groups possible.

Training and Workshops can include Liberty, Groundwork and Mounted equine experiences, and, other creative sessions dependent on the human and horses’ needs, particular horses available, facilities, and existing horse-human relationships between host and own horses.

Benefits of hosting a Training or Workshop

  • staying local
  • reducing expenses of traveling & staying in Daylesford, Victoria
  • you can customize your workshop to meet your unique needs
  • you can experience our unique and leading-edge training and experiential model
  • we can advertise your workshop on our website
  • you can develop new connections and networks of like-minded folk.


Call 0437 882 600 or email to discuss your needs.