I-Thou Horsemanship


I-Thou Horsemanship - Equine Psychotherapy Institute - Victoria, AU


” ‘I-Thou Horsemanship’ is an approach to Horsemanship that teaches an understanding of horse psychology, herd dynamics, and training principles that is grounded in ‘I-Thou relating’ – a theory and practice based on being-to-being connections that foster a depth of awareness, presence, deep listening, unconditional acceptance and working through challenges with breath and commitment.”
Meg Kirby (2012)

I-Thou approach with horses is the foundation of the Institute Model of EAP and EAL Practitioner Training Program.

I-Thou Horsemanship Sessions

  • We offer individual sessions to work with you and your horse to enhance understanding, listening processes, working with softness and relaxation.
  • The sessions begin on the ground and can move to bareback/ mounted essentials that focus on connection, relaxation, balance and breath work.

Why I-Thou Horsemanship?

  • Horse-Human Connection Sessions are a wonderful way to return to the joy of being in relationship with your horse
  • where the connection is aware, mindful, and grounded in somatic, emotional and social intelligence
  • mutually beneficial for both horse and human