Corporate Leadership Program

Equine Assisted Leadership Programs

Coach and Facilitator, Meggin Kirby, is an Associate of the Melbourne Business School Advanced Management Program (AMP) offering an Equine Assisted Leadership Program, as a part of the Advanced Management Program.

Corporate and Executive Equine Assisted Leadership 1-2 Day Programs are available for groups between 4-24 participants. The ideal group size is 6-10.

Bring your Team for a 1 Day Leadership Program that will inspire and facilitate deep change across the organisation, and have your people talking about it for weeks, months, years!

This is an experiential learning program where you learn via experiencing, not talking and thinking about! So, the learning has a chance to develop new neural pathways in the brain, supporting long term change. This innovative program teaches the foundation skills that are not being taught to leaders anywhere else – straight from the wisdom of lead stallions, lead mares and wild herds who have survived and thrived for millions of years.

Learn Horse Wisdom, including new knowledge, skills, and practices. Learn somatic, emotional and relational intelligence skills that will change you and your organisation in a deep way. Participants will develop foundation awareness and relationship skills, understand unconscious patterns acting as obstacles to mastery, and develop the ingredients for masterful leadership.

Let our lead horses support and challenge you to become the Lead Horse and Lead Herd in your field.

Contact us for an Individualised Program for your organisation.

What is the Investment?

Please enquire for pricing details

Catering: We recommend Spade to Blade, local, organic lunches

Where is the training held?

At The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, in Daylesford area, Victoria.

When is the training available?

We can schedule Sessions on Thursdays and Fridays between 9.00 am – 5.00pm.


 “Superb, A Unique Life Experience 10/10”

“Amazing day, Great Teachers 10/10”

“Great Sessions, Clear Goals, Good Feedback 10/10”

“Organised, Personable, Well Planned, Professional and Engaging…SO refreshing from ‘death by PowerPoint 9/10”

“Unique, New and Fresh Perspective on Age Old Techniques. Kept me Engaged 10/10”

“Facilitator was Particularly Engaging and Knowledgeable, Very Intelligent”

“It was Awesome, Thank you So Much 12/10!”

 “I will tell everybody I can!”

Chandler McCleod

 “Most Valued…being outside, completely different from every other course I have been on 10/10”

“Very different and Very Effective Delivery 9/10”

“The tools that I can now leverage in everyday life to be more grounded and think about deeper relationship…8/10”

“It was a Great Experience, Very Different from Classroom Training on Leadership. It has been very Impactful. Great Facilitation. 9/10”

Silver Chef Group Executive Team

 “I have gained a greater insight into how I operate and why. In fact, it’s been a very calming experience for me that I have replicated since that day both professionally and personally allowing me to achieve greater things in the ever-increasing intensity of our busy lives”

Telstra Global Executive Team

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