Horse Wisdom Personal Development Program

Freedom Personal Development Workshop

This 1 Day Private ‘Freedom’ Personal Development Workshop is life changing! It is an exciting and new way to connect with yourself, develop life skills, explore patterns that are no-longer serving you well, and, strengthen your existing talents with horses.

You will feel emotionally safe to explore, discover and grow.

The horses will support and challenge you to develop awareness and mindfulness skills:

  • Learn about the way of the horse
  • Develop new self-support and wellness skills
  • Step into relationship in new, authentic ways
  • Change your life!

Specialised Focus areas may include:

  • Strengthening somatic, emotional and social intelligence
  • Enhancing and Deepening Relationship
  • Life transitions
  • Mental Health support
  • Separation
  • Addiction
  • Spirituality
  • Inner critic work

Where is the workshop held?

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute HQ

(Near Daylesford)

When is the workshop available?

We can schedule the 1-day workshop on Fridays, 10 am – 2.30pm

What is the investment?

1-day private workshop: $700 (lunch can be arranged)

About Meggin Kirby

Meggin is an Author, Founder of Equine Psychotherapy Institute, Mental Health Social Worker, Gestalt Psychotherapist, I-Thou horsewoman. She has more than 20 years as a practicing mental health worker and psychotherapist and is experienced in working with range of clients with complex needs. All her work is trauma-informed and uniquely delivered to each unique client.

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