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Demand is increasing for skillful, ethical and professional equine assisted therapy and learning practitioners – our rigorous education, training, and continuing professional development programs will support you to be the competent, confident, and creative professional you were born to be.

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute offers Training and Certifications in the professional practice and art of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Counselling /Mental Health (EAP), and, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

The Institute and founder, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist of over 20 years, Meg Kirby, pioneered the first uniquely Australian model of EAP and EAL in 2011, which has become internationally renowned and revered. Students travel from far abroad – Russia, Poland, England, Denmark, Holland, United States, New Zealand, and of course, all states of Australia to Certify in the EPI Model.

You are in excellent hands!

Our faculty is world-class – our team is a multidisciplinary team made up of clinical social work, psychology, counselling, gestalt therapy and trauma-specialist therapists. All of our faculty live, breathe, love and learn with horses, and one of our faculty is a level 4 parelli instructor – but, don’t hold that against her! We are all passionate about equine assisted practice!

Join our international community of practitioners for life, and step into your dream practice – combining your love of horses and desire to help people grow, heal and change.


Our Training & Certification is perfect for YOU

  • Experienced Mental Health Practitioner who is experienced with horses, and interested in a theoretically rigorous psychotherapy training program
  • Mental Health Practitioner who is new to horses, but passionate about the journey into understanding horses and horsemanship and keen to practice ethical equine assisted therapy
  • Experienced Horse-person wanting to deliver effective programs for children, adolescents, adults and specialist client groups, such as Veterans and Aboriginal youth.
  • Wanting to offer professional, ethical, and effective equine assisted services that truly serve clients, and support growth, healing and development. This training is for people who are ready to change, learn and grow, personally, so they are ready to support others to change, learn and grow.
  • Simply love horses and feel their amazing presence, support, and unique feedback, and, want to share that with the world!
Equine Assisted Learning training session in the outdoor arena.

The Institute Training Programs are different.
Our training is Life Changing.
Are you ready for the Change?
Here’s what our students say about our training program…

“My overall experience with The Equine Psychotherapy Institute and the EPI Model, is a striving for excellence and professionalism, accountability, and both personal and professional growth for anyone participating in the training offered. I still sit with the deepest gratitude for the weeks of intensive learning, and experiences with our horse partners that again, and again proved testament to the immense value of this work.”

Vicky MacKensie – 2018


“The EPI three-week intensive was a thoroughly rewarding and transformative experience. I left with new friends, an equine community and a solid theoretical, practical and experiential framework from which to platform into my own equine psychotherapy practice. The course is well balanced and in-depth, challenging, supportive, experiential and practical, and offers ongoing study and supervision to deepen learning and practice and connection with the EPI community. I was very impressed with what I learned both personally and professionally, and see that the EPI model marries very well with my training and practice as a psychologist.”

Emma Bleaney, Victoria – Block Training Group 2018


Centre for Excellence in Training & Education

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute is unwavering in its dedication to professionalism, integrity, ethics, trauma-informed practice, horse welfare, and innovative services.

We Offer 2 streams of Training and Certification

  • Train & Certify in EAP – new and experienced mental healthcare professionals (such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists) apply and train in EAP.
  • Train & Certify in EAL – teachers, coaches, organisational consultants, integration aides, disability support workers, youth workers, horse-people looking to build another arm of their business including- team building, leadership and social emotional learning for children, adolescents and adults, apply and train in EAL.

The Institute is dedicated to providing Foundation Training & Education, and Continuing Professional Development, so offers a range of Advanced Training Programs, Specialist Training Workshops, Practitioner Support Workshops, and Bi-Annual Conferences. Visit our Training & Certification page to see what we have on offer for our wonderful community of practitioners and the general public for 2019!


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Read more about the Institute Model, which is available at all good online bookstores “An Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy : principles, theory and practice of the equine psychotherapy institute model”, by Institute Founder, Meg Kirby, 2016.


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