The first Australian Model, Training & Certification Pathway

Are you passionate about horses and helping people?
Do you want to become a successful equine assisted therapist?
Are you inspired about the unique gifts horses have to offer people?
Do you desire to facilitate professional and powerful equine assisted programs?

You are in the right place!

We meet you where you are, train, support and inspire you along your unique journey in becoming a professional equine assisted practitioner.

Meg Kirby talking to Equine Therapy students.

I’m Meg Kirby, author and founder of The Equine Psychotherapy Institute and internationally renowned EPI Model of equine assisted practice.

I am super passionate about this work and driven to raise the standards of equine therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning, internationally. I have designed incredibly rewarding training programs for you. Our faculty staff at the institute are equally passionate about teaching and supporting you to become an inspired, talented and successful practitioner…with the unique support of our beautiful equine friends.

Equine Assisted Counselling Training with horse and dog.

Since 2011, The Equine Psychotherapy Institute has been offering passionate mental healthcare professionals and horse people training in the first Australian Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

Our training is unique.

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute is internationally renowned, and, unwavering in its dedication to professionalism, integrity, ethics, trauma-informed practice, horse welfare, and innovative services.

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute is unrivalled in the standards, ethics and innovation of our Practitioner Training, and the Continuing Professional Education delivered in Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs.

The training programs are designed specifically for professionals interested in incorporating horses into psychotherapy, counselling, personal development, experiential learning, and professional development.

With two streams of Training and Certification available, we train new and experienced mental healthcare professionals (such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists), and, we train passionate horse-people looking to build another arm of their business, to include equine assisted learning, team building, leadership and social emotional learning for children, adolescents and adults.

Animal Assisted Counselling Training saddled horse.

Our specialist supplementary training is perfect for YOU if you are

  • An Experienced MH Practitioner who is experienced with horses, and interested in a theoretically rigorous training program
  • A MH Practitioner who is new to horses, but passionate about the journey into understanding horses and horsemanship
  • An Experienced Horse-person wanting to deliver effective programs for children, adolescents, adults and specialist client groups, such as veterans and aboriginal youth.
  • Wanting to offer professional, ethical, effective and relational services that truly serve clients, and support growth, healing and development. This training is for people who are ready to change, learn and grow, personally, so they are ready to support others to change, learn and grow.
  • Simply love horses and feel their amazing presence, support, and unique feedback, and, want to share that with the world!

The Institute Training Programs are different.
Our training is Life Changing.
Are you ready for the Change?
Here’s what our students say about our training program…

When I signed up for the training I expected to leave with a head full of knowledge but I came away with a body full of experience. Thank you Meg and Noel for creating a truly memorable training experience”.
Melinda Rabbetts, Mental Health Social Worker, SA, 2011.
I came to the training with a broad plan, to better myself…help others better themselves…and work with horses. My growth started right from day one with me learning to be aware of my feelings…learning about awareness…by the time I got home I knew I had changed, and who I thought I was and what I believed, was not anything like who I wanted to be. I used to think I was generally pretty aware, but now believe I didn’t really understand what being aware even was. I am working…toward being the person I have had a glimpse of being able to be. EAL Training
Ian Wilson, Horseman and Tradesman, NSW, 2012.
Before enrolling in the EPI Training, I wondered if I had what it took to become a EAP; Did I have enough experience in my working life or as a horsewoman? Had I done enough personal and professional development to be able to get the most out of it? Did I have what it took to create my own business and follow my dream of helping children and young people and working with horses all at the same time? Absolutely! I found the EPI training thorough, comprehensive and pitched at a level I could relate to. The content was delivered in a very accommodating way and I didn’t feel ‘out of my depth’ or unsupported. Our training group was an extraordinary bunch of individuals, with varying backgrounds, ages and life experiences and together we created a safe, enriching and fun learning environment. Meg, Noel and their team are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. Highly Recommended. EAP Training
Nadine Delaney, Social Worker, NSW, Horse lover, 2015
I couldn’t have imagined the changes that have happened within me while being involved in the training with the EPI. The training was everything I had hoped for and so much more! This is such a valuable experience and I know I can easily turn it in to a career. The trainers are exceptional, knowledgeable and professional. The facilities are lovely and the food amazing. I recommend this training to anybody who is interested in improving not only other people’s lives but their own lives and those of the horses they are in contact with. EAL Training
Alissa Klein, Horsewoman, Cairns, 2015.
The EPI three-week training was a thoroughly rewarding and transformative experience. I left with new friends, an equine community and a solid theoretical, practical and experiential framework from which to platform into my own equine psychotherapy practice. The course is well balanced and in-depth, challenging, supportive, experiential and practical, and offers ongoing study and supervision to deepen learning and practice and connection with the EPI community. I was very impressed with what I learned both personally and professionally, and see that the EPI model marries very well with my training and practice as a psychologist. EAP Training
Emma Bleaney, Psychologist, 2018

You have some options now

  1. Email to request an Application Form to Apply NOW for our upcoming Training Programs – Please note – numbers are limited per training group.
  2. Call and discuss your questions – on 0425371729, and if your call is unanswered, please leave a brief message and we will return your call asap.
  3. Read the EAP Training page for more information– if you are a registered mental health professional
  4. Read the EAL Training page for more information – if you are a passionate horse-person or not a registered mental health professional
  5. Read the Practitioner Calendar page to see when and where the Practitioner Training programs are offered across Australia and Internationally for 2018/2019,
  6. Read more about our Model by purchasing this textbook, available at all good online bookstores, “An Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy : principles, theory and practice of the equine psychotherapy institute model”, Meg Kirby.
  7. Stay connected by entering your email address in our Newsletter box – to receive upcoming events, programs etc.
  8. Find a Practitioner in your local area.
  9. Watch our Video on the EAP Training or EAL Training pages​ to learn more about our unique and comprehensive approach.

There is lots more to read on this website, about our experienced trainers, about the work, about the model we train in EAP and EAL, and lots more! So, have a read, and connect with us when you are ready to register for a training program, request equine therapy, or talk about the innovative team building or leadership programs we deliver.

We are just a call or email away!

Let’s stay connected and support growth, wellbeing and healing for all humans, horses, and life on our beautiful planet!