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Specialist Training


We provide Advanced and Specialist Training in Equine Therapy to Practitioners and Students who have completed the Foundation Training Program, and choose to specialise or undertake Continuing Professional Development.

You are also welcome to apply if you have not trained with us previously, and applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Our advanced/specialist training includes:

Ecotherapy (4 Day Intensive)

You have all learnt how to effectively regulate, resource and benefit from the great outdoors, nature and the natural world in the context of your EPI model EAP and EAL practice! However, now you can extend your knowledge, theory and practice to offer more nature-based experiments that serve to connect, support, change and heal diverse clients, with or without equines!
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Working with Trauma & Attachment (5 Day Intensive)

Best practice 3 stage trauma model that covers the core principles of safe and effective trauma practice supporting survivors of acute and complex trauma.
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Working with Children and Adolescents (4 Day Intensive)

Immerse in understanding the developmental needs of the child and the diverse, creative and effective ways we can utilise EAP and EAL in both unstructured and more structured sessions and programs with young people.
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Working with Shame and the Inner Critic (4 Day Intensive)

Safely explore shame, critical beliefs, self-compassion and present-centred awareness practices, supporting a return to wholeness and dis-identification from fixed self-diminishing beliefs, with yourself and your clients.
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Working with Anxiety & Depression (2 x 2 Day Intensives)

This intensive focuses on a unique, experiential and mindful way of working with depression and anxiety, in the context of the EPI model of equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted personal development.
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Working with Addictions (2 Day Intensive)

Feel confident working with diverse addictions in your or your client’s lives. This training intensive focuses on working with addictions in the context of the EPI model of equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted personal development.
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Practitioner Presence & Self Care with Horses (3 Day Program)

Nourish yourself! This personal development program is for equine assisted practitioners, therapists and horse people looking to deeply care for self, whilst in safe connection with colleagues, horses, animals and the natural world.
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Training Dates

Please check out our Training Calendar to find out dates.