Equine Therapy Training FAQs


Equine Therapy class in outdoor arena with horse and student.


Can I train with the Institute if I am not a registered Mental Health Practitioner or a Counsellor?
Yes, you train and certify as an Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, offering social emotional learning programs, personal development or professional development programs (such as team building and leadership) with horses. Read the EAL Training page for more information, www.equinepsychotherapy.net.au/equine-assisted-learning-training.


How do I apply?
Email the institute on admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au to request an Application form. Once received back via email, your place in the training will be confirmed. Then, you will receive a Welcome Letter with further information regarding the training and location etc.


Can the EAP Foundation Training be utilised as accrued CPD (continuing professional development) points?
Yes, the ACA, PACFA, AASW and APS accept the training as CPD.


I have completed a Certificate II, III or IV in equine studies, mental health, community services, can I certify as an equine therapist?
You need to be a registered mental healthcare professional (trained in a degree or masters level qualification and registered as a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, credentialed mental health nurse or MH occupational therapist) to train and certify in our Equine Assisted Therapy/Psychotherapy training pathway. If you are not registered as above, you train and certify as an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner, offering social emotional learning, personal development, and professional development programs with horses, not therapy with horses. Registrations need to be current.


I am an experienced MH Practitioner (eg psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist), do I have to complete the entire 15 days/3 week foundation program, or can I apply for credits or RPL (recognised prior learning)?
The Foundation Training Program is a specialist and unique psychotherapy model, and all practitioners need to learn the theory, principles, practices and unique ethics regarding EAP/ EAT. No previous training will teach you what the EPI Model Training teaches you. Hence, there are no applications for RPL and all students must complete all 15 day foundation training, and assessments, to certify.


When and Where do you run your next EAP/EAT/EAL Training Program?
Check out the Student Calendar, for trainings across all locations (across VIC, NSW, QLD and any trainings happening internationally), and, training programs offered throughout the year. If you do not find a program or dates you are looking for, just email the institute and ask about upcoming training in your state/country. Also, enter your email address in the Newsletter box, on most webpages, to the right. We run multiple programs each year. Visit www.equinepsychotherapy.net.au/student-calendar/


Are you an RTO?
The Institute is not a registered training organisation, rather an independent, specialist training centre delivering specialist training in EAT/EAP and EAL. Our focus is on helping students develop the foundation skills, core competencies and new awareness required to offer safe, professional, ethical and inspirational EAP and EAL Programs. The Institute trainers are experienced mental health practitioners with a wealth of professionalism and experience in human healthcare, horses/horsemanship, and the unique dynamics that occur in EAP (EAT) and EAL. Becoming an RTO does not guarantee an experienced and sophisticated curriculum or training experience for students. Integrity, experience, professionalism and ethics supports best practice training programs.


How can I find out more?
Visit the Testimonials page, to get a sense of what previous students have experienced. You are welcome to email or call the Institute and ask questions on 0437 882 600.

How can I stay in Contact with the Institute and hear about upcoming Training Programs?
If you wish to receive Email Newsletters regarding upcoming events, trainings, and any news at The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, then please add your email address to the box on the website (on most website pages, except home page), to the right had side of the page, which reads ‘To Receive our Upcoming Events Newsletter. You will receive a Newsletter from ‘Meggin Kirby’.


How can I learn more about the EPI Model before committing to the Training Program?
Attend our 1 Day “Introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy” delivered in Queensland and Victoria throughout the year. This is the best way to learn more about the field of EAP and EAL practice, and the EPI Model. Dates are available on the Student Calendar and the page dedicated to the 1 Day Workshop.

Purchase the textbook, that is available on most good online bookstores “An Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy : principles, theory and practice of the equine psychotherapy institute model”, Meg Kirby. You can receive the e-book which is immediate and cheaper, or, wait for the hard copy, if you like to hold the book in your hands!

Call us on 0437 882 600 or email and ask questions!


Once I have completed the training, can I still access support from the Institute?
We value connection, so once you are trained, you will be a part of our community of practitioners across Australia, NZ and internationally. You will have an opportunity to attend an EPI Network Meeting in your state, free of charge, and you will become a member of our closed EPI facebook group, where we share all things health, wellbeing, horses, EAT/EAP/EAL/EFL! You will also have access to ongoing EPI Conferenes, Advanced Trainings (ie in Trauma, Working with Children, Addictions and much more), Supervision and Mentoring. We also offer Refresher Trainings to keep people ‘fresh’ with the model. We are open to suggestions from our community of practitioners about what they want/need to stay connected.


Do you accept Payment Plans?
The institute is committed to supporting people to receive professional and ethical training in the fields of equine assisted learning and equine assisted psychotherapy, so always do our best to work with you and your budget. That means, you are welcome to email about a payment plan/a system of payment and request a payment plan. We will consider all requests.