2021 Online Conference

Nourished: The Role of Beauty, Nourishment , Safety and Strength in

Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning

With International and National presenters already confirmed, our 2021 Conference will be an International first, bringing together Leaders in Equine Assisted/Facilitated Therapy and Learning, Animal Assisted Therapy, and Nature Assisted Therapy to inspire and teach all participants.

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute 2021 Conference will be held ONLINE from February 26th - March 5th, 2021 - giving attendees a week's worth of nourishing, uplifting, juicy and informative content from many leaders in the field. 

We are still seeking expressions of interest from trained and experienced professionals who are passionate about nourishing - ourselves, each other and our world. Once your expression of interest is received, and working title, outline and learning objectives are accepted, your final Conference Presentation will include a recorded Video Presentation of 40 minutes, on a topic that speaks to our conference theme 'Nourished' in the equine, animal or nature assisted practice space.

Please email Paula at the Institute on admin@equinepsychotherapy.net.au if you are interested in presenting. 

Past conferences

Reflection on the 2018 The Equine Psychotherapy Institute Conference

Theme: Expansion – Expand Your Awareness, Practice and Business
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March, 2018

The Conference facilitated a rich growth and learning opportunity, a meeting of new and old friends, and, a celebration of the increasing demand for our specialist work in equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted growth and learning. We celebrated together and had a fantastic conference experience yet!

Topics of the 2018 Conference

  • Meggin Kirby / MH Social Worker
    Welcome to ‘Expansion’ – Community Liberty Herd Meet
  • Nadine Delaney / MH Social Worker
    The Horse Wisdom Program: Groupwork with Children
  • Jackie Smith / Organisational Development
    Working with Adults Groups
  • Meggin Kirby / MH Social Worker
    Corporate Leadership EPI Groups
  • Clare Major/ Provisional Psychologist
    EAL / EAP across the Lifespan: Working with Elderly Clients
  • Noel Haarburger / Psychologist
    Presence & Self-Compassion Practice with the Herd
  • Professor Juli Coffin
    Nguudu Barndimanmanha: Horses making Good (Working with Aboriginal Young People in EAL)
  • Noel Haarburger / Psychologist
    Working with Addictions in EAP: An Introduction to Addictions
  • Lou Atkinson/ Counsellor
    The Horse Wisdom Road to Recovery: A Practitioners perspective on using the Horse Wisdom Program to assist Substance Abusers during their Rehabilitation
  • Deb Walker / Psychologist
    The Science behind Wellbeing – Models that work and how we can integrate this into our EPI practice for the benefit of our clients and ourselves
  • Sue Lamond / Counsellor
    Journey to Self Care for EAP / EAL’s
  • Meggin Kirby & Noel Haarburger
    Liberty Herd Meet Reflection & Small Group Closure


Thankyou Meggin and Noel for such a fantastic conference. The diversity of the speakers brought richness that I was able to draw from, translate, and will apply to my EAL Practice….the centre is looking great…I love the new conference building”

“The EPI Conference was a great opportunity to re-visit and refresh the work, network with other practitioners, and to be inspired by the work others are doing”

“The EPI Conference offers the opportunity to reconnect with other practitioners, hear about what others are doing, where they have come from and where they are heading in this work! It’s an invaluable opportunity to recharge and reassess where I am on my own journey…”

“Professional model, beautiful environment, warm atmosphere, great food, and consistently well presented topics. Thank you.”

“Loved the support, connection, and comradery with the institute. Great to be a part of this”

“Educational, inspirational, great place to connect with other lovers of the model”

“I loved the power and authenticity of this model and work. It is something you live and breathe, not just something you do for work”

“The conference and post conference workshop were fantastic. The workshop was on developmental attachment and trauma which is a niche interest of mine, and how to integrate the psychotherapeutic process with horses. It was really incredible. I’ve previously done a 5 day trauma intensive with Noel (the presenter) and I’ve done a lot of study on trauma and attachment over the years, but for some reason this one day really brought it all home for me in a powerful way. I had many ah ha moments and I feel more confident about offering complex trauma recovery sessions.”