2021 Online Conference

Nourished: The Role of Beauty, Nourishment , Safety and Strength in Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning

Featuring a never before seen line-up of International Presenters, including leaders in Equine, Animal and Nature Assisted/ Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning, our groundbreaking conference will nurture your mind, nourish your soul and enrich your work as well as your life.

Now available Online for One Whole Month!

January 25th - February 25th, 2021

This conference is presented via a spacious, online platform where attendees can access pre-recorded sessions with International Education Experts at any time throughout the month, in a way that fits in with your unique needs and interests.

Get Nourished with us for just AU$220

(US $167 approx.)

Together, we'll nourish ourselves, our clients and our world with Groundbreaking International Presenters:

Dr Aubrey FineKeynote Speaker

Noel Haarburger - Deepening Your Relationship With Nature

Nancy Parish-Plass - When Chronic Maltreatment in Childhood Closes the door to Psychotherapy, Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy Opens a Window: AAP in the Context of of Interpersonal Neurobiology of Trauma and AAP

Katarina Lundgren - Becoming Present by Becoming Whole: Developing an Individual Toolbox of Resources with Horses and the Natural World

Mckrell Baier, Dr James Herrera & Dr Fred Provenza - How Horses and Nature Support Health, Learning, Growth and Healing

Dr Risë VanFleet  - Voluntary Participation of Animals for Therapy: Building Reciprocal Relationships with Animal Therapy Partners

Summer Farrelly - Chickens and Humans, Communication and Connection. Are we so Different?

Meg Kirby - Kind Kangaroos, Wise Horses and Coming Home to Nature: Working with Animals, Horses and Nature in Psychotherapy

Nadine Delaney - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum : Offering Safe, Strength-Focussed and Nature-Based Opportunities

Dr Veronica Lac Nourishment Through The Daring HERD®

Kimberly Beck Un-domesticating Therapy™: Embracing the Opportunity and Responsibility to be Nature-Connected and Ecologically-Literate Practitioners 

Tracie Faa-ThompsonNot Just Horsing Around: Creating a Therapeutic Space Utilising the Combined Power of Animals and Play

Claudia Paretilla-Guardi The Power of Simplicity; Finding the Nourishing Connection with Nature Within

Ann Poulsen Building Capacity: How Animal Assisted Therapies can support children and adolescents experiencing challenges in their lives

Katie AsmusIncorporating Nature-Based Ceremony in Therapy for Resource, Trauma Healing and Rites of Passage

Paula Jewell - Animal Assisted Learning: Lessons From the Animal World

Judy Brightman Cultivating our Inner Garden to Nourish Ourselves and Create a Grounded, Embodied Presence for our Clients and Horses

Bettina Shultz-Jobe & Kate Naylor - Natural Lifemanship is Secure Attachment in Action 

Tanya Bailey The PACE Model of animal-assisted interactions: A process to design and implement sound therapeutic practice with humans and animals

Blair McKissock The biopsychosocial impact of connection

Linda Chassman Craddock Animal Assisted Psychotherapy: A sideways approach to working with client stuckness or resistance and fostering clients' natural interest, engagement and enjoyment of psychotherapy

Shannon Knapp Equine Assisted Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation with Horses

Are you:

  • A psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist, counsellor, mental health nurse, or mental health occupational therapist who loves animals, horses and nature?
  • An equine assisted/ facilitated psychotherapist looking for continuing professional development?
  • An animal or nature-assisted practitioner looking to expand your work?
  • An equine assisted/ facilitated learning practitioner looking for creative inspiration?
  • A parent or caregiver wanting to nourish yourself and your family?
  • An academic or researcher intrigued by the emerging practice of equine, animal and nature based therapies?
  • Passionate about people, our planet and becoming empowered to make a difference?

Our Nourished Conference is for you! 

Get Nourished with us for just AU$220

(US $167 approx.)

Some frequently asked questions about our 2021 Online Nourished Conference

Q - Is the conference live?

A - The conference is pre-recorded and attendees will gain access to the platform on January 25th 2021 

Q - Do I need to be available at set times to view presentations?

A - No! Because the theme of the conference is Nourished, it's really important that we also present this in a format that is nourishing, spacious and works in with people's current commitments. For this reason, the conference is pre recorded and presented on a learning platform where attendees can work through the presentations throughout the week at their own leisure in a way that suits their unique needs and interests.

Q - How long will I have access to the conference?

A - The conference is now available for One Whole Month!From January 25th - February 25th, 2021.

Q - Can I pay using a method other than Paypal?

A - Because this is an international conference, Paypal is our preferred payment method as this is available worldwide. 

Q - How do I access the conference?

A - After purchasing your ticket via the conference website, you will receive a confirmation email from WordPress with a link to reset your password. Click on this link and follow the prompts to reset the password and be sure to make note of this and the email you used to sign up. Be sure to put the Conference start date in your calendar too!

On January 25th, head back to the conference website and login using your credentials to access all presentations. 

feedback from past conferences

Thankyou Meggin and Noel for such a fantastic conference. The diversity of the speakers brought richness that I was able to draw from, translate, and will apply to my EAL Practice….the centre is looking great…I love the new conference building”

“The EPI Conference was a great opportunity to re-visit and refresh the work, network with other practitioners, and to be inspired by the work others are doing”

“The EPI Conference offers the opportunity to reconnect with other practitioners, hear about what others are doing, where they have come from and where they are heading in this work! It’s an invaluable opportunity to recharge and reassess where I am on my own journey…”

“Professional model, beautiful environment, warm atmosphere, great food, and consistently well presented topics. Thank you.”

“Loved the support, connection, and comradery with the institute. Great to be a part of this”

“Educational, inspirational, great place to connect with other lovers of the model”

“I loved the power and authenticity of this model and work. It is something you live and breathe, not just something you do for work”

“The conference and post conference workshop were fantastic. The workshop was on developmental attachment and trauma which is a niche interest of mine, and how to integrate the psychotherapeutic process with horses. It was really incredible. I’ve previously done a 5 day trauma intensive with Noel (the presenter) and I’ve done a lot of study on trauma and attachment over the years, but for some reason this one day really brought it all home for me in a powerful way. I had many ah ha moments and I feel more confident about offering complex trauma recovery sessions.”