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Find an Equine Assisted Practitioner – New South Wales


Equine Therapy horse relaxing by the water tank.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is otherwise known as ‘equine therapy’ or ‘horse therapy’ – delivered by clinicians, who offer treatment for mental health conditions. counselling and psychotherapy services.

Our Certified EAP Practitioners are registered mental health and clinical professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health occupational therapists and nurses) who have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAP , and now offer it as specialist clinical modality within their professional field of practice.


Jo-Anne Rooker

EPI Model, EAP Practitioner
Provisional Psychologist , Equine Assisted Psychotherapist

Horse Assisted Wellbeing – Goulburn, NSW
My EAP partners include horses, ponies and donkeys, including rescue horses, some with a trauma survival history.

Offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals, families and teams.
I offer a friendly and safe environment to explore self-awareness, individual psychotherapeutic goals and relationships.

Our property is a unique environmental experience, as it is nestled in a valley surrounded by National Park.

Located at Greenwich Park near Goulburn NSW
0447 469 073


Sue Lamond

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Northern Rivers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Counsellor, Life Coach, Adult Educator / Trainer

We work with individuals adults, children and adolescents as well as couples. Special interest in adolescent non suicidal self harm.

Individual sessions or group sessions available for corporate or organisational team building or leadership/staff development.

We work with a herd of seven beautiful horses and no prior horse experience is needed.

Located near Kyogle in Northern NSW


Lisa Toman

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Gestalt Psychotherapist (MA)
Initiatic Art Therapist (Cert); Outdoor Leadership (Cert); group facilitator.

I work with Mental health, Substance Abuse, and Trauma. I also facilitate Empowerment, Leadership, and Life skills programs for Youth and Adults.
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Learning Experiences for Individuals, Adults, Youth and Groups.

My approach incorporates the therapeutic and healing benefits of Nature, Art and Horses offering a rich and creative therapeutic experience. My background in Outdoor Leadership, connection to the natural world and lifelong love of art all inform my work.

Equine therapy can support experiences of self-awareness where clients begin to feel safer, more enlivened and at home in both themselves and life. From this place choice, change and growth are possible.

Byron Bay, NSW
0403 192 060


Sian Wood

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Gestalt Psychotherapist
Clinical Member of PACFA and GANZ
(Certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapist)

Offering psychotherapy, personal development and team building

South Coast Equine Psychotherapy, NSW
0413 322 703


Dr Anna Cohen

EPI Model, EAP Practitioner
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Doc.Clin.Psych, M.Clin.Psych, B.Psych (Hons)

Anna has worked with children, young people and families for over 20 years specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and young people presenting with psychiatric, emotional and behavioural problems, and in assisting parents implement parent management strategies.

Anna combined her many years in clinical practice with her passion for horses to create the’ Heads & Tails’ approach. ‘Heads & Tails’  works with a team of miniature horses to assist children, young people and families in better understanding  their feelings and behaviours, and helping them move towards social and emotional change.‘Heads & Tails’ also offers team  building sessions focused on the  development of emotionally intelligent leadership for organisations/corporations.

Kids & Co. Clinical Psychology Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and Blue Mountains
(+61) 0404 466 360 (+61) 2 9555 1168


Sarah E. Ferguson

EPI Model, EAP Practitioner
Therapist and Community Worker, Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (University of Melbourne), Bachelor of Counselling, Practitioner Certification in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Member of Australian Counselling Association, Founder of The Gatepost Support Services Inc.

We can help you.

Located in Gunnedah, North West NSW
0439 467 646


Nadine Delaney

EPI Model EAP Practitioner
Mental Health Social Worker
Registered Provider with NDIS and Medicare

Hunter Valley Children’s Therapies
Working children, young people and women.

Particular experience in working with children and young people with special needs, Mental Health challenges, trauma and those living in Out of Home Care.
Providing individualised psychotherapy and EAL sessions.

Small group programs during the school holidays for children and adolescents.
Professional Supervision for Social Workers and EAP/EAL Practitioners.
Located at Lovedale, Hunter Valley, NSW.

0421 439 113


Sue Jakes

Valley Psychology and Equine Assisted Learning
BEd, GradDip(Psych), PG (Psych)
EPI Model Equine Assisted Therapy and room based therapy.

Working with young people from age 12 and women in individual and small group setting toward emotional wellness.

Prevention and treatment programs addressing secondary trauma and burnout for workers in the helping professions.

Paterson, Hunter Valley. NSW
0448 746848


Michelle Wass

EPI Model, EAP / EAL Practitioner
Dip. Counselling CTA, Member ACA, IICT, Youth Outreach Officer, Resilience Coach, Seasons for Growth Grief Companion, Riding Instructor BCAE, 45YRS Equine Experience

I am passionate about horses and Equine Assisted Practice because having worked with and been in relationship with horses all my life, I knew there was something more….. Discovering the EPI Model has most certainly opened the door for me to embrace “I Thou” and give this wonderful work to those who need it.

Collombatti, NSW, Australia
Contact: HOOFBEAT FARM on Facebook


Elizabeth Rheinberger

EPI Model EAP Practitioner

Clarence Valley Equine Assisted Learning Centre
Offering Equine Assisted Learning programs tailored for a client or organisation’s specific needs.

Team building and leadership courses.
Personal support and development.
Creative interventions for children and families relating to assessment, attachment, case management and support.

PO Box 1002
Grafton, NSW, 2460
0427 042 849


Ann Poulsen

EPI Model EAL/EAP Practitioner
Equine Assisted Learning, Personal Development and Counselling.
Dip Holistic Counselling,  Grad Dip Ed (Primary) Assoc. Dip. Steiner Ed., BSc.

Providing EAL/PD/counselling for children/adolescents, individuals and teams.
The focus of this work is to build awareness of self and other through connection with the natural world of the horse.

Sessions may include developing social and emotional skills, team-building, building awareness of boundaries, increased awareness of patterns that no longer serve us and the opportunity to experiment with alternate ways of being in the world.

Sessions are co-facilitated by a herd of 5 horses in Burringbar, on the far coast of  NSW’s. 15 minute drive South of  Murwillumbah and 25 mins north of Byron Bay.

Anna Rémond

EPI Model, EAP Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist, AHPRA Board-approved Supervisor
M.B.A (current), M.Clin Psych (2013), PgD (Psychology), BA

Anna is the director of Outlook Ecotherapy, which offers equine and nature-based clinical psychology, supervision, and research on the NSW Central Coast.  The integrative and innovative therapies at Outlook Ecotherapy incorporate EAP with new-age and traditional models to support children, adolescents and their families wishing to shift or strengthen emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal abilities. Anna’s team includes a herd of five horses, and various animals, plants and elements from the ever-changing natural world.

Supervision is available F2F or over Skype to support provisionally registered psychologists with clinical placement, and/or external primary or secondary supervision. Anna is committed to supporting clients and clinicians to create meaningful and sustainable change, and to advancing the research of Ecotherapy and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Prior to establishing Outlook Ecotherapy, Anna worked in public mental health (CAMHS), private practice, foreign aid, in the not-for-profit sector, and in research.

Outlook Ecotherapy
Gate 2, 256 Scenic Highway, Terrigal, NSW 2260


Equine Assisted Learning

Our Certified EAL Practitioners are teachers, disability support workers, youth workers, horse riding instructors, coaches, organisational consultants, and, people interested in helping people learn new skills, with the horses as engaging partners in the process.

EAL practitioners have also successfully completed over 120 hours training, supervision and assessment in EAL , and now offer it as specialist modality to support social-emotional learning, personal development and professional development such as leadership and team effectiveness skills.

EAL is not therapy. EAL is an innovative form of experiential learning – where clients develop new insight and learn new skills via relational experiences with horses.


Anne Simpson

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Diploma Training and Assessment Systems
Over twenty five years experience as trainer, teacher, and mentor in tertiary education.

Holistic Equine Assisted Learning (HEAL)

The herd and I will support and mentor you to discover, develop, and access coping strategies to support yourself when you are feeling “stuck” in a strong emotion or an overwhelming situation. 

·      cancer diagnosis for you or someone you love
·      empty nester
·      grief or loss
·      starting tertiary education
·      retirement
·      menopause
·      being a caregiver
·      relationship has ended
·      other life obstacles 

 Shoalhaven, NSW
0421 977 129

Brenda Tanner

EPI Model EAL Practitioner
Graduate Certificate Gestalt Therapy

Equine Encounters Australia – Part of The Growth Edge Group
Specialising in PTSD Recovery, EQ Leadership Development and Personal Growth by providing unique and innovative programs that allow authentic insight, create awareness and support change.

Based out of the Hunter Valley, NSW.
0422 058 365


Donna Broadbent

EPI Model EAL (EAPD) Practitioner

Equipped Life
Supporting individuals, women, children, adolescents, couples, groups, corporate/teams
Team building and leadership
Personal Development

Central Coast, NSW
0488 343 248


Fifi Munro

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Infinite Potential Equine Assisted Learning

I have a deep love and connection with all animals and nature and bring this to my practice.My training brings a gestalt methodology approach of present moment mindfulness and an experience of the here and nowness for clients with horses. It is therapeutic in nature and helps clients discover a deeper sense of what they maybe feeling emotionally and somatically through their body while being in contact with the horses. Working in this way is especially helpful when working with any anxiety, trauma or other issues.

I have a small herd of miniature horses I therapeutically work with in paddocks.  Clients love being around the miniature horses as they tend to be less intimidating than normal size horses, they all have their own individual qualities that evoke, safety, respect, support, grounding, regulation and holding for clients.

I love facilitating this work because of the richness and therapeutic value clients experience.  Children particularly find the work very engaging.  Working with supporting  adults and children (under12) and Workshops for adults.

I am located in Kenthurst, Sydney.
0433 527 579

Stephanie Rouillon

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Practicing in Mullumbimby, NSW
0411 368 843


Emma Caldwell

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Heads and Tails Equine Program, Blue Mountains NSW

Emma is Co-founder of the Heads & Tails Program and has almost 20 years of working with horses and people.

The unique characteristics of Equine Assisted Learning allows Emma to combine her extensive experience in horse behaviour and communication with the emerging field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, with qualified psychologists.

Emma, Anna and the Heads & Tails team work alongside a team of miniature horses to assist children, young people and families in better understanding  their feelings and behaviours, and helping them move towards social and emotional change.

0414 947 251


Renee O’Connor

EPI Model EAL Practitioner

Shoalhaven Equine Assisted Learning
Working with my herd of three horses I support young people and adults  in social and emotional skills and personal development through awareness and the Horsewisdom program. I offer individual sessions and group programs tailored to suit different needs.

Tomerong, NSW
0435 928 891


Jackie Smith

EPI Model, EAL Practitioner
Masters of Applied Science (Organisation Dynamics)

Combining 25 years of organisational change experience with a decade of coaching and consulting in leadership, my specialty is facilitating change at the individual, team and organisation level.

I incorporate psychodynamic and systems theory, mindfulness, gestalt, neuroscience research and equine experiential learning to create self awareness, resilience, relationship and communication skills training programs.

I partner with equine specialists/venues across Australia to offer both public EAL workshops and custom designed organisational equine experiential processes to support an embodied learning approach to your leadership programs or team development objectives.

0424 282 943